Al Jameel Construction W.L.L.

AL JAMEEL CONSTRUCTION W.L.L. is the flagship company of JC Group. The company is known for its high quality construction service with state of the art facilities dedicated to the people of Bahrain for every construction need. It’s a premium GRADE AA contracting establishment operating all over the Kingdom of Bahrain since 1999. We had a humble beginning and today we are recognized as the most capable and professionally managed contracting company. Over the years since our inception in 1999, we have continued to innovate, define and redefine our standards which today, sets the industry standards.

Our span of operations include conceptualizing the design, defining that into an executable model, executing the same with thread bare details at every stage of construction with appropriate, desired finishing, look and feel that matches to the contemporary standards. There is a full range of ancillary and support service providers who work throughout with us.
Our team comprises of some of the veterans of the industry who were experienced in construction service at different topographical and climatic conditions and they make sure that every needs of our customers are met.

How we work?

Pre-construction Services

We work with the client and the design team at the early phase of drawings, provide value engineering, suggestions. Within our pre-construction services, we act as a value-added member for the design team, enhancing the design aspects by providing adequate pricing information matching the design to the budget. The client draws our expertise from our experience and incorporate the same into the design phase including sustainability and maintenance costs. Our design review and our suggestions help the client to save costs. Our pre-construction team works to reduce the overall project cost by saving time, labor and expenses. The end result is that the client is able to derive maximum out of the investment.

General Contractor

As a General Contractor, we make sure that the project is delivered on time at optimum cost. During construction, our Design-Build team acts as the single source of information for all design and construction aspects. This creates a more effective line of communication across all stakeholders involved in the project and ensure the system of project delivery on time within the cost.

Strategic Partner

As a strategic construction partner, we operate as an extension of our client's own staff, overseeing both project construction and facility management. Within this role, we create a "construction program" in which we manage design review, budgeting, scheduling, quality control, safety, and security, as well as any other client requested items.