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Our Commitment

Our drive to reduce our impact on the environment starts at the top with our senior management team and extends right through our business into our supply teams.

As responsible corporate citizens, we encourage sustainable practices in our construction approach. We also encourage our subcontractors and suppliers to investigate and operate sustainable alternatives to existing working practices. Our teams are further encouraged to actively seek out opportunities to measurably improve our environmental performance from the amount of waste we send to landfill to reducing our carbon emissions.

We incorporate environmental management and best practices in all our business processes. JC Group of Companies provide a framework and clear procedures and practices for reducing and offsetting adverse environmental impacts of our construction and business activities.

Our environment and sustainability strategy is focused on six key areas of activity:
  • Waste and recycling: reducing the amount of construction, excavation, demolition and packaging waste we send to landfill by segregating and recycling materials wherever we can.

  • Pollution: minimising our carbon emissions from construction processes and air, water, soil and noise pollution around our construction sites.

  • Sustainability: implementing design and construction best practices which emphasise the long-term affordability, quality and whole-life efficiency of a building. In principle, we consider the occupied life of a building as being of higher priority than its construction.

  • Procurement: using sustainably sourced building materials whenever possible, including hardwoods and reclaimed products, and minimising the environmental impact of goods and services consumed by our company.

  • Awareness and Communication: reducing environmental risks and encouraging best practice among our staff, clients and supply chain through effective multi-media communications and awareness programmes.

  • raining:T ensuring every member of our site teams is fully trained on the environmental hazards of a live site, hazard prevention and procedures for hazard control and containment. Also ensuring that staff receive appropriate training to identify and apply environmental best practices in the workplace.


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Our Commitment

JC Group of Companies ensures client satisfaction by implementing strict quality assurance guidelines for all of its products and services. To achieve this, the quality management department starts with the assumption that more information translates to better products. To gather this information, our project supervisors maintain close communication with the client and conduct stringent audits of EPC execution. The lessons learned from these studies aid JC Group of Companies in anticipating problems before they arise as well as improving performance on future projects.

JC Group of Companies utilizes a quality management system that satisfies all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 certifications and ensures all employees understand and abide by its strict quality-assurance policies.

JC Group of Companies regularly conducts Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) surveys to assess client satisfaction, address client complaints, and identify areas for improvement. Phase-by-phase surveys are conducted at each stage of the project (engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, etc.). The resulting project score is monitored to allow our team to continuously improve client satisfaction. Upon completion of the project, the client is asked to submit final feedback in the form of a written report, the conclusions of which are incorporated into Jc Group of Companies company-wide quality management practices.

In the Construction business, failure to conduct quality management can result in significant unnecessary costs. Seeking to avoid overages, Jc Group of Companies engages in Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) control activities designed to prevent and mitigate quality issues across the entire operation of the company, including rework, delays in delivery of materials / equipment and interruptions in the construction schedule. This initiative helps reduce project execution costs while, at the same time, improve client satisfaction.

In order for our quality management system to be more effective and reliable, we engage a third party assurance firm to verify that the system meets or exceeds international standards.
ISO 9001:2008
ISO 9001 is a set of internationally recognized standards related to quality management systems. These standards were defined by the International Organization for Standardization and specify requirements a corporation must meet in order to guarantee the highest degree of quality in its products and services. JC Group of Companies Bahrain has acquired this certification.


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Our Commitment

It is the aim of JC Group of Companies to be among the best companies in the construction industry. In order to achieve this goal, JC Group of Companies requires effective management and people in addition to good organisational structures and management systems. The objective of achieving a standard of excellence in all matters in the field of health and safety is an integral part of realising the JC Group of Company’s goal. Over the years the JC Group of Companies have progressively developed and improved their safety management systems. This process of development and refinement is ongoing with the express objective of achieving continuous improvement in health and safety performance within JC Group of Companies.

Key points:

Against the background of these considerations, the Executive Board of JC Group of Companies has identified a series of key points, which support its objective of improving the safety performance across the whole of JC Group of Companies. These key points must be seen as an addition to and in coherence with the Code of Conduct as established by the Executive Board.

  • Occupational accidents, ill health and disability are avoidable.

  • Personal damage and injury, and damage to property of third parties must be avoided at all times.

  • Hazards, which give rise to a risk to health and safety are unacceptable and should be reduced to an acceptable level through the application of control measures.

  • The Board of Directors of each operating company is responsible for the implementation of the JC Group of Companies health and safety policy in their organisation.

  • Continuous and systematic improvement must be an integral part of the health and safety management system within each operating company.

  • JC Group of Company employees do not give unsafe orders, or work to unsafe orders given by others. It is the view of the Executive Board that JC Group of Company develops, designs, builds and manages projects that meet needs in respect of people and the environment. With regard to people we mean anyone who is involved in or affected by the activities of the Group: employees, clients, designers, partners, suppliers, subcontractors, buyers and members of the public. ‘Environment’ concerns our respect for and protection of our planet, including all natural and life forms.

  • This means that the policy of JC Group of Companies and its group companies is to execute all work activities in a manner that exceeds our legislative obligations.

JC Group of Companies looks to ensure that:
  • Every possible form of injury and ill health that could result from our work activities is prevented;

  • The requirements, wishes and expectations of the client are satisfied;

  • Every effort is made to prevent any negative impact that our work activities may have upon personal property and the environment;

  • Operational processes have a controlled course and are continuously improved. Every employee of JC Group of Companies and its operating companies has a direct responsibility in achieving these goals. It requires good co-operation and continuous commitment. The management has an exemplary function in this process. We trust everyone to support and propagate this policy.